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"Over the years, six of my teens have successfully gone through the OneWay Driver Training School program. I can't tell you how pleased I am at how much each of them learned. Not only that, all of them are still safe, well-trained drivers today. It has been signficanlty more effective than "Parent-Taught" method my friends tried.
-Michael B. (Lewisville, TX)

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About Us

Meet Our Owners


Debra K. Routh attended Baylor University and received her B.S. and M.A. in education. Debra has taught drivers education for the last 30 years. She loves teaching teenagers to drive. She also has taught Drivers Education in several private schools in the DFW area. Having her own driving school is a longtime dream come true. Debra has always been fair and honest to all that know her.


Penney Vogelsang has been teaching Drivers Education since 1985. Penney attended Sam Houston University and is licensed to teach the DWI program for first time offenders. She has taught Defensive Driving for ticket dismissal and insurance discounts. She also teaches corporate classes. Alcohol Education is at the top of her list. Penney especially enjoys teaching teens behind the wheel and is one of the best in car instructors in the area.

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Teen Driver's Education



*The T.E.A. or V.O.E. is verification of enrollment/attendance in school and is good for 30 days during the school year. If issued the last week of the school year, it is good for the entire summer.


**Birth Certificates must be official with the raised seal (It may NOT be a hospital copy). It is the original or certified copy of the student’s State or County birth certificate with a certified seal. A Passport or Resident Alien card maybe used in lieu of the students Birth Certificate.


***Two Residency Forms must be submitted as proof of residency forms (bills with current address or voter registration).

One Way Driver's Training Overview


Program Overview

Our classes meet for 3 weeks, Monday through Friday and the last Saturday.


Please request a schedule of the class start times and dates.


There will be a special calendar during holiday seasons.


Students may not miss more than 5 classes. If a class is missed, the student must make up the class when it is being taught again. Students will not be allowed in class if they are more than 5 minutes late.

Student Expectation

Every student must complete ALL classes, class make-ups, driving times, and observation times within SIX MONTHS of the class start date. (This applies even to students who begin the program when 14 years old.)


Student Behavior

Students will be expected to pay attention and be cooperative during the class time and driving time (No sleeping or cell phone use during class or while in the car). The material we teach is very important. One Way DTS provides students with a workbook and the Texas driving handbook.


Obtaining a Permit

Upon completion of the first 3 days of class instruction (6 Hours), students 15 years of age or older may obtain their permit.


Driving Policies

Students must spend 14 hours in the car; 7 driving and 7 observing. Driving may continue several weeks after class has been completed.


How to Schedule Drive Times

  1. Students must call Debra and leave a message
  2. Students will be called back ASAP
  3. Students may schedule anytime including immediately after or before class

Drive Time Requirements

  1. Students should show up at least ten minutes before their driving time with their permit.
  3. Any student who cannot make a scheduled driving time must call at least 8 hours in advance and cancel. **There is a $20 cancellation fee for students who fail to call eight hours prior to his driving time.
  4. On the 7th driving time, there will be a driving test. Students will take another driving test at the DPS to obtain their driver's license. If student is not ready to pass the driving test, they will be advised of their weaknesses and the final lesson will be postponed. No student will be rushed through the driving process.
  5. During the 7 hours behind the wheel, the student will receive the foundation of skills. However, students will progress faster with practice at home. All students must practice at home a minimum of 30 driving; however, it is our belief that each student should accumulate at least 50 hours before driving alone. Feel free to call us at any time to check your student’s progress.

Required Video (Teens & Adults)

Teenagers must watch the ITTD video.

Adults must watch the ITAD video.

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State Approved Driving Test

"OneWay" is state approved to offer the Driving Test Teenagers (oneway students) $75 cash. Online Teenagers $95 cash.
Adults must have permit $95 cash
Call to Schedule 972-219-8885
Test Review Available

Mandatory Adult (18-24) Driving Class

The Adult Six-Hour course is taught once or twice a month.

Call 972-219-8885 for dates, times and more information.

Online Classes Teens & Adults

Teenage drivers may take online classes then schedule driving times with our instructors in Lewisville, Texas.
Teenage Online Driving Classes
Adults 18-24 Online Driving Courses

State Approved Defensive Driving

Driver Safety Class ($30 cash)

Call to Schedule

Online Defensive Class

One Way offers online defensive driving for only $25.00! This state-approved course is offered on multiple electronic devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions

  1. How do we reserve a spot in a class?
  2. You can contact us by e-mail or by telephone to save them a space.
  3. Where do we get a schedule of all the classes starting?
  4. By email or calling the office.
  5. How old do I have to be to start drivers Ed?
  6. Answer - You can be 14 to start class, but you have to complete everything in six months that includes the drive times.
  7. How old does the student have to be to get a permit?
  8. The student must be 15 years old.
  9. When does the student get their permit?
  10. After the third day of class, they will permit test. Once test is passed they are eligible to go to the DPS to obtain their permit.
  11. How many days of class can the student miss?
  12. The student is allowed 5 missed days but must make them up.
  13. When does the student make-up the classes they missed?
  14. Each class must be made up during another class when the same lesson is being taught.
  15. How much time does the student have to finish everything?
  16. They must complete driver’s education six months from the time they start.
  17. When does the student start driving?
  18. After the student has obtained the permit they can start scheduling the drive times.
  19. Can we schedule drive times online?
  20. No, drive times are scheduled by phone
  21. How many hours of driving does the student get?
  22. There are fourteen hours in the car, seven driving and seven observing.
  23. What if the student cannot make the drive time?
  24. You must call at least eight hours in advance to cancel. If a student does not call eight hours prior to his or her driving time, there will be a $20 cancellation charge.
  25. How do I know if my student is doing well?
  26. Feel free to call and check on the student’s progress at any time.
  27. Can we register online?
  28. No, to register you have to come down to the office and fill out paperwork.
  29. Should we schedule all drive times at once?
  30. No, drive times will be spaced and scheduled according to the student’s progress
  31. What’s a VOE (Verification of Enrollment?
  32. You can get your VOE from the school your son or daughter attends.
  33. Are the fourteen hours of in-car driving at the school part of the thirty hours they do at home?
  34. No, they are separate.